From youth orchestras to conservatories and colleges, Scott Flavin presents engaging workshops on all aspects of high-level musicianship.  These have been presented to organizations such as The Frost Symphony Orchestra, the Greater Miami Youth Symphony, the St. Louis Youth Symphony, and the Henry Mancini Institute Orchestra. He can work with your ensemble's current repertoire, or provide tailor-made musical excerpts, highlighting your needs. Workshops include:

String Boot Camp

Using your ensemble's repertoire, an intense and fun workshop addressing the fundamentals of string playing, including effective body movement and position, bow and left-hand technique, and musicality.

Ensemble: Tools for Better Listening

This workshop empowers the orchestral musician, inviting them to experience the joy and fulfillment that comes from knowing how to listen and  what to listen for in a large ensemble.

Tune it or Die!

We've all heard it a million times - "you're not in tune", "your intonation is lacking" - come discover some useful and (dare I say it?) fun strategies for bettering your intonation.


Explore different styles of music, becoming familiar with various musical languages, rhythms and grooves - this enriching workshop prepares students to look at the broader world of music.